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Lakeisha Dixon produces results! 

You never know what someone is going through”

“Behind my smile there is a story you would never understand”
“ The face can speak a thousand features, but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels”.
These quotes summaries the girl I used to be. I wore the most beautiful mask, spoke so eloquently and was always very smart. Therefore, I was able to convince others and myself that I was I fine; great! I was nothing close to being fine or great.
I was a little girl trapped in a woman’s body, living in a world where no one understood the pain and darkness that was my reality. I hid it well with my pretty smile and the large and intelligent words that came out of my mouth. 
I had resentment and unforgiveness in my heart from not knowing or having a relationship with my biological father. I was broken and lost due to a failed relationship. Have you ever just loved someone so much and completely lost yourself within him or her? Well that was me! Therefore, when the relationship ended, I fell apart.
When I met Lakeisha Dixon 5 years ago through a mutual friend, I was automatically drawn to her energy, personality and contagious spirit. Her being a life coach inspired me; but because I convinced others and myself that I was fine, I decided to support her business; not because I needed her services, but because I wanted to patronize another sister. 
I honestly thought this was going to be a piece of cake because I can talk my way out of every situation. I was wrong. Lakeisha saw straight through my steel mask and gave me the tools and resources to confront the pain and rejection that kept me hostage for most of my life. The reality is, I did not like her very much throughout this process, however, she was exactly what I needed in this uncomfortable season in my life. Lakeisha was there for me as my coach, friend and intercessor. She prayed for me during every session and I could easily feel the walls slowing coming down.
I started believing who God said I was and most importantly, I started doing the work to forgive myself, God and those who hurt me. After I was able to recognize that I am no longer a victim, but a victor, I was able to courageously embrace my process and started fulfilling my purpose. 
Since my first coaching session with Lakeisha, I can honestly say that I am no longer a little girl trapped in a woman’s body. I am a grown woman! I have since written and self-published four books. I help others fulfill their dreams of writing their book as a ghostwriter; I host youth and women’s empowerment conferences around the world. I started a nonprofit organization called the I am Hope Foundation and we focus on restoring hope through missions trips, empowerment seminars and providing hot meals to those in need. In addition, I have since adopted an Elementary School in Kenya, Africa with 170 children. 
I thank God for Lakeisha Dixon. She was and has continued to be a part of my process. She is my family! Lakeisha Dixon produces results! 
I am now ready to walk in my new season and embrace the next chapter of my life by allowing myself to be loved. 
Teshanne Phillip
Author, International Speaker, Humanitarian

Blew My Mind

“How often has it been prophesied and prayed over your life that God will send bring the right person(s), people into your life?  I know I’ve heard it on more than one occasion.  Well, I know that I know, He did just that for me on December 15, 2011, the day I met Lakeisha Dixon.  I had just flown to Atlanta from New York to attend a conference.  As I was standing in line a young woman with the most fabulous smile stood behind me in the registration line and we struck up a conversation.  The Holy Spirit told me to tell her the meaning of her name ‘the favored child’ and to bless her, so I purchased a few books at the registration table and handed them to her.  We stayed side by side that day and I was impressed with the wisdom that flowed from this young lady.  A wisdom that defied her years.  I knew, we both knew, standing in that line and most certainly by the end of the day we had just made a divine connection.

We kept in touch by email and about a year later author Lakeisha Dixon published her book – “The Victorious State of Mind”.  I purchased the book and the revelatory knowledge that leapt off the pages of this anointed book




“The Victorious State of Mind” exemplifies what a victorious walk of faith looks like.  The book is not based on theory, it is based on personal, manifested victories which line up 100% with the Word of God.  It was clear to me that this woman God divinely connected into my life had experiential knowledge of victorious living.

When breakthrough coach, Lakeisha Dixon publically announced on March 13, 2013 that she launched the “I Am Victorious” Life Coaching Program – Coaching the VICTOR on the inside of you & not the victim! – I signed up immediately.  No questions asked.  Didn’t care what the cost would be – because I knew that Lakeisha had God given wisdom and victorious strategies to share with me.  Let me, take a step back so you can get a better idea of what I am saying, I am a senior executive at a law firm, making a high six figure base income a year, and a six figure bonus at year end.  I manage a team of 130+ people, and I dominate my ‘marketplace’ – and not being a foolish woman, I knew when breakthrough coach, change agent, life strategist Lakeisha Dixon, the woman God divinely placed in my life while I was standing in a registration line in Atlanta, GA (after I had traveled from NY to get to this conference) publically announced the launching of her “I Am Victorious” Life Coaching Program I immediately signed up and have been a client ever since.

I stayed in position.  I stayed in position to be blessed – from coaching session one I have grown in the mission and marketplace.  I have made my corporate brand.  I am building my enterprise.  I am domineering my industry.  I have grown spiritually, personally, relationally, financially, and emotionally.  I have improved my physical well-being, strength and have had significant weight loss.   There is not one area in my life that we have not successfully addressed – and as a bonus, Lakeisha is a prayer warrior, led by the Holy Spirit and speaks the life-giving Word of God over your situation.  I would encourage anyone reading this testimony to sign up for Lakeisha’s coaching sessions while you can – because I promise you, corporations are about to retain her services and she will be in a position where she has to turn away some.  Not me though, I will be a client for life because I acted immediately when God brought the right person into my life.  Will you?”

Keisha Mann Dixon-  Executive Director, New York

What A Gift

Lakeisha Dixon walked into my life as my Coach and what a gift she has been to my life. I had ideas, and visions both in my head and on paper. It wasn’t until I became Lakeisha’s client and being committed to her program that I began to see the manifestation of having a Coach that talks and walks with her clients every step of the journey. Because of the service provided to me by Lakeisha, I was able to launch my first women empowerment seminar in the fall of 2013 and generated 130 empowered women from the tri county area, and have successfully facilitated my empowerment annually every year after that. Lakeisha was also instrumental in the release of my first book, “It’s Okay to Be Single” which can be found on Amazon. Lakeisha also assisted me in preparing for speaking engagements that came after the book release.  Beyond the projects that were successfully executed, Lakeisha poured so much into me; Wisdom, love, words of encouragement and most importantly, the word of God. May the breakthrough Coach launch out into greater regions and develop women all over.

Laurane Simon -Author ~It’s Okay To Be Single- Realtor- One Hand One Heart

Lakeisha Is A Forever Coach

“Strategy, Inspiration, Accountability, Results are the foundations of success for Lakeisha Dixon, The Breakthrough Strategist. After first meeting Ms. Dixon on a free ‘New Year, New Direction’ podcast (She’s always giving back and sowing into your life.) I knew if this Powerhouse could awaken every fiber of my being to activate my gifts, I NEEDED to be a client with 1:1 interactions.
My insight, discernment, focus has shifted immensely being under the direction of The Breakthrough Strategist. She encouraged me to have a conference which was sold out!!! And has inspired women at my conference to follow their gifts and activate their passions. A Senior Warrior at the tender age of 67 because of Lakeisha Dixon hosted her first conference to a sold out crowd as well.
As a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and professional I give of myself freely. We’re now working on finding and achieving balance.
Lakeisha Dixon is a forever coach and now a forever friend. Sign up and get started. The best ME investment in my life”

Nicole Bailey – Corporate Manager -Bits Of Faith

Thank You Coach Lakeisha Dixon

“Thank You coach Lakeisha Dixon for all you support and helping me birth out “WHO AM I” I Am A Survivor Conference. You are the Best Coach. I am ready for our next project!

Lakeisha Marion – Marion Enterprises LLC, Plantation, FL

I Have The Best Coach In The Whole World

“I have the best coach in the whole world. Thank you Lakeisha Dixon. You’re guidance is much appreciated. Thank you so much for helping me make my dream a reality. You are constantly coaching me, even when you don’t realize it. Thank you for being my voice of reason; my motivator and someone who can always keep it real with me.  I love you lots.”

Teshanne Phillip – Author of 3 books www.teshannephillip.com

I Am More Confident

“I appreciate the sessions we have had. Thanks to Lakeisha Dixon, I am more confident in Corporate America and have received another promotion. I am now a Senior Level Manager with other managers/supervisors under me. God made no mistake when he put you in my path. Love you!!

Keisha Jones – Senior Level Manager, Atlanta, GA

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