Congratulations on taking the next step to breaking through on various levels of your life.

From Purpose to Business Development; from Marketplace to Spiritual Development.  You are in the right place for breakthrough!

A behavior can only be modified through repetition, guidance and support.  To support your quest for achievement and accountability, the following curriculum has been created for optimal results.   


Business Moves

For Business Owners

How long have you been in business?  Do you have the concept and design but are slightly indistinct in developing your end to end roadmap?  Perhaps you are like most new entrepreneur’s and feel like you’re not seeing the results you desire.  Don’t give up because class is in session! 

Bold Moves

Purpose = Function + Outcome

You don’t determine your purpose, you discover it! Purpose is not static, YOU discover it over and over again.  Your purpose meets at the intersection of your gifts, talents and abilities. What you do once they meet, determines your purpose.  Your outcome is the fruit of your purpose, process, and practice.  This package includes the following sessions and modules:

Bible Breakthrough

Spiritual Enrichment

The richness of your life is contingent upon the richness and stability of your mental health.  This coaching package focuses on strategies to improve your greatest real estate – your mind.  Lakeisha Dixon’s infamous ‘Breakthrough’ sessions focus on total healing and growth.  Assisting you with the tools to overcome obstacles while identifying your authentic self.  This package includes: