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Welcome to BCLA

Breakthrough Coaching & Leadership Academy 

What is the Breakthrough Coaching & Leadership Academy (BCLA)?

We are a global entity for marketplace leaders and breakthrough coaches.  Our 90-day intensive programs are geared to help you break through to your next level. Whether you want to become a Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, or overcome self-doubt, we have a package for you!
Why choose to Breakthrough with us?
Because my ultimate goal is to help you breakthrough!
  • Breaking Through in Discovering your Purpose
  • Breaking Through in Self-Confidence
  • Breaking Through in your Finances
  • Breaking Through in your Relationship with God
  • Breaking Through in launching your very own coaching business
  • Breaking Through in Vision & Clarity
  • Breaking Through in Book Writing & Publishing
How do I get started?
I’m glad you asked! Select the application below for consideration into a program. Each applicant will be scheduled for an interview to determine how we can assist you in revolutionizing your life in 90 days!

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