INCORRUPTIBLE – Restoring Your Soul from a Broken Past



Lakeisha’s long anticipated masterpiece!

We all have a P.A.S.T. (People-Anger-Sin-Tragedies). We have all been hurt, abused, mistreated, and broken. It’s time to overcome the past and press into the healing power of NOW!

Are you ready to Forgive?
Are you ready to move forward into your future?
Are you ready to live the life God intended for you to live?


“Incorruptible” is purposed for you to rise up and out from the pit. You will learn how to walk into the place God has prepared for you. Within its pages, you will be able to clearly identify Christ’s unending love and receive complete restoration. Your MIND will be renewed. Your FAITH will be activated. You will MOVE in the direction of Christ’s ultimate plan and purpose for your life.

It’s time to break up the ground, pick up the pieces, confront the truth, and truly live FREE, HEALED, and HAPPY! Your past has no legal right to do business with your future. You are a child of God, born of the “Incorruptible Seed”: the very Word of God!

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Your Words Have Power by Lakeisha Dixon

words150-jpgAre you ready to live a life of “Positive Output With Extreme Results”?
It’s time to switch on your tongue and activate your mind to speak life into your situations and circumstances! So many women are trapped in a mental, emotional and physical prison because of the negative words that have been stolen out of their mouths. What have you built with your tongue? Have you built a life of supernatural results or have you built a powerless life with no results?

Throughout the pages of this book, you will be inspired, motivated, empowered and transformed buy the amazing revelation of God. I candidly share high ranking wisdom, powerful prayers, victorious confessions and life changing inspirations, with profound insight. This book is a powerful tool that you can carry in your purse, place on your desk, share with your friends and family members. By the time you finish the book, you will be speaking life and praising God for “Positive Output With Extreme Results”.

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The Victorious State of Mind by Lakeisha Dixon

lakeisha-smcoverIf you feel defeated, powerless, bitter or confused about life or you are simply ready to go from good to great in every area of your life then this book is for you!

The Victorious State of Mind is a way of thinking and a lifestyle. It is a characteristic trait of who you are, and it simply means that you WIN! This book is a powerful tool in your arsenal and will position you to receive all that God has already prepared for you. It is an instruction manual that will help you to lose that victim mentality and walk in victory with Christ! In spite of the battles, the trials, the test and the tribulations that you have faced, you are here, you are an overcomer and you are VICTORIOUS!

I invite you to travel with me through my personal journey of testimonies and victories, which revolutionized my thinking, transformed my life and caused me to leap into my destiny! If you are a child of God then you are supposed to live in the best homes, drive the best vehicles, eat the best cuisine, receive the best education and wear the best garments, because He IS the best! Stop dressing like your past and redesign your wardrobe for your future. Your life will never be the same after experiencing this book! You will discover your Purpose, Purge your mind, tap into your Passion, produce powerful Prayers, stand with Perseverance, activate your Power and live in Prosperity. You have the VICTORIOUS STATE OF MIND!

PDF Format

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Breaking You Through Life Coaching Workbook By Lakeisha Dixon!

lakeisha-programcover1x“I Am Victorious” coaching manual is designed to help you go from good to exceptionally outstanding in every area of your life. This powerful workbook will enable you to recognize where you are and what steps need to be taken to push you forward. There are several different lessons that will assist you in understanding your identity, your purpose, your power, your words, your vision and your open door. It’s time to deal with the victor that God has created you to be and live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

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Who Am I – 3 Steps to Overcoming Identity Crisis By Lakeisha Dixon


It’s time for every believer to tap into their full potential and discover who they really are. Lakeisha, takes her readers on a journey on how they can take the mask off and confront their ugly truth. She deals with the core value of self-esteem and reality. You can expect to:

  • Confront the ugly truth on what’s holding you back.
  • Identify who you really are in Christ.
  • Take your power back from the enemy.
  • Change your perspective on how you see yourself.
  • Learn practical steps to overcome identity struggles.
  • Walk in your new found freedom.

This easy to read book is filled with powerful wisdom from God to help you overcome and walk into the freedom that He predestined for you before the foundations of the world.
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NEW RELEASE! Confession & Prayer CD

15minutesThis powerful 15 minute cd is filled with confessions and prayers that will jump start your day with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Victorious Confessions, was created to bring you to a place of speaking and declaring the word of God over your life. Lakeisha, has an amazing way of encouraging men and woman with the word of God. This cd will ignite your spirit and fill your atmosphere with praise and thanksgiving. You will be able to play this cd in your car, in your home and at your job. It will change the atmosphere and usher in the presence of God.

Only $12.00