Hello Victorious Vessels,
Wow! It has been a while since I wrote to you guys but God is still a good God and better than ever. He is an awesome God, the healer of my soul and the mender of my heart.Things just have not been the same. I feel so much lighter. It feels like weights have been removed. I feel great and more relaxed. I am joyful and honored and most importantly BLESSED.

This month I feel INSPIRED.

Inspired to live, breath and happy to celebrate me; the apple of my Father’s eyes. I am God’s sacred jewel. I am so thankful to have God love on me the way He has in the past few months and weeks. His Love is greater than my imagination and deeper than the deepest ocean. It is a Phenomenal thing when you can see the prayers that you prayed years, months, weeks and some days ago, manifest right before your eyes. You know without a shadow of a doubt that it was no one but GOD. When you have been through the storm, rain and when the walls starts to close up on you, and you think to yourself why me Lord. God is still in the mist. I am learning to embrace trails for I know that they only make me stronger and wiser and strengthen my walk with Christ. I took a step without even seeing the whole staircase.

See, Jesus in my mountain top when I’m in a valley deep. What I have learned is that nobody will love me like Jesus will, not only is He my lover and a way maker If, I do not know anything else I know that God is faithful and just. Even though I went through the fire, God gave me my heart desires…

I can truly say that God is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is not liar but the deliver of my soul, mind body and spirit, a lover when I’m lonely, a healer when I’m sick and the Savior of my life. I heard a song on yesterday, title “I am driven to please you”. My God, that song ministered to my spirit, because I know that I should be doing more and not wasting time on fruitless or lifeless things or people. My eyes have been open and now I see more clearly. Life is truly what you make it. We all have choices……

Do you know Him?

Are you inspired?

What can you say about Him?

Lakeisha Dixon