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whoamicoverFat, Ugly, Skinny, Black, too light, Not good enough, Rejected, Broken, No Good. These are just a few of the things we have had to battle with. WHO AM I? is a book about overcoming identity crisis and being set free from the bondage of your mind. I wrote this book for the everyday woman and man who are walking around masking the pain of their identity. It’s time for you to reveal yourself. That time my friend is now!!


These are just a few words that we have been called or have experienced at some point. In my newest book, WHO AM I? 3 Steps To Overcoming Identity Crisis is what you need. I wrote this book for every man and woman who has ever dealt with Identity. I am sharing with you how you can overcome and take practical steps to change your life and walk into your NOW.

This book is an easy and quick read, but powerful and life changing. We all have wrestled with identity crisis at some point in our lives. Now, it’s time to confront the ugly truth and BE HEALED. This book is truly a conversation starter.

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